Did you know that about a third of the garbage New Yorkers throw out each day could be composted? You can do your small part in reducing some of that waste. Bring your kitchen scraps and other items to Farm Spot, following our simple composting guidelines, and help create rich compost for the church’s beautiful gardens.

Check out this video on Composting 101

What to bring:

-fruit scraps
-vegetable scraps
-coffee grounds and the filter
-tea bags
-dry grains
-flower bouquets -please cut into 2 inch pieces
-nut shells
-dried flowers
-corn cobs
-old potting soil
-egg shells. No EGGS please.

What not to bring:

-meat and fish scraps
-dairy products
-fats, oils, and grease
-dog and cat waste
-invasive weeds
-weeds with seeds
-diseased plants
-non-organic materials- plastics, rubber bands, metal, glass, etc.

Find a sealable container (large Tupperware works well) and bring your scraps when you pick up your vegetables each week. During distribution, place your scraps into one of the compost bins — but do not put plastic bags in the compost bin.

We ask that you bring your compost to distribution in a reusable container to minimize waste and hassles. You can rinse out containers at the church. You can use any sort of reusable container you have, but if you’re looking for a compost-specific container you might want to consider one of these pails: