The 2022 Summer Vegetable Share runs from June 16th to October 27th (for a total of 20 weeks) Farm Spot members come to St. Mark’s Church (33-50 82nd Street) on Thursdays anytime from 5:30-8:00 p.m. to pick up their produce. This year a fruit share is NOT available.

Since Farm Spot is a volunteer-run endeavor, each share* is asked to give a minimum of 4 hours of their time during the year to keep the CSA running. Volunteer responsibilities primarily involve working at weekly distribution. There may occasionally be other ways to volunteer, in which case we will send out an email announcement. (Volunteer requirements have been modified to ensure everyone’s safety during the outbreak of Covid-19. Please visit the volunteering page for more information about this, and general volunteering info.)

*the volunteer requirement is per share, not per person. For example, two households splitting a share are asked to volunteer for a combined 4 hours.

Membership includes a weekly email from Farm Spot, with information about the share, news from the farm, and recipes. In past years CSA events have included picnics, cooking demonstrations and farm trips, currently all events are discontinued due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

As always we want to try to get the funds to the farm as early in the season as possible to help prepare for the season ahead.