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We still have vegetable shares available.

Deadline is extended to June 8th, sign up here!

The first distribution is Thursday, June 15th and runs through October 26th.

This is the link to sign up for the 2022 share, deadline for signup is May 31st:

This year we are offering a non-certified, organically-grown Vegetable Share from Angel Family Farm (please see previous post for more info on the farm!). The share will include enough to feed a family of 3-4 people. The season will run for 20 weeks, from June 16th – October 27th, 2022.

MEET THE FARMERS at a virtual meet + greet on SUNDAY, APRIL 3rd at 6pm. Join Zoom Meeting: (if you can’t make it live, we will have a recording of the Zoom session available – just let us know!)

Distribution is Thursdays, 5:30 – 8:00pm at St. Mark’s Church, 33-50 82nd St., Jackson Heights, NY. Please note: we cannot save shares as we have no access to refrigeration. If you can’t make it to pick up, you can ask a friend/neighbor/family member to pick up your share. They simply need to know the name that the share is listed under. All unclaimed shares will be donated at the end of the evening either to Lion’s Share Food Pantry or the Jackson Heights Community Fridge.

Prices: Full Price Vegetable Share – $700 for 20 weeks (please note: across the board, all CSAs that we have been in contact with have had to increase their prices for the year, including Golden Earthworm.)

Subsidized Vegetable Share: $350 for 20 weeks There are a limited number of subsidized vegetable shares for members who cannot afford the full price. If you only need a half share, please consider splitting a share with another household who needs a subsidized share – we can help you find someone to split with.

Donations: As you may know, we run on extremely slim margins in order to keep the price for the share affordable and to be able to offer a very limited amount of subsidized shares to community members in need. Please consider making a donation to Farm Spot so that we can fundraise for subsidized shares. Subsidized shares are available now through this sign up link.

Volunteer shifts:
The requirement for membership will still be two shifts per share. We are 100% volunteer run and really value the time that you spend helping to make this happen in our neighborhood. Please remember that volunteering is part of your responsibility as a Farm Spot member. Megan, our volunteer coordinator, will email with details about volunteer sign ups. As a note, two households splitting a share are required to do a combined two shifts in total.

Splitting shares:

In past years, Farm Spot has encouraged members to look for share partners on social media and community message boards. People have been known to find share partners on our Facebook page ( or on . If you cannot find a share on your own, please email and we will do our best to match you with a share partner.



We are excited to announce that Farm Spot CSA will now be partnering with Angel Family Farm!

The Angel Family

The Angel Family

Ana is the head farmer. Crisostomo, Ana’s husband, farms and is the driver.

Ana & Crisostomo

Lizbeth, their eldest daughter, farms and is in charge of Finance & Outreach. David, her fiance, farms with the Angels. Ana and Cristosomo’s son, Henry, has another full-time job but helps out. They also have two teenage daughters who help when they can.

History of Angel Family Farm

Ana grew up on a farm in Progreso, Mexico, where everyone farmed organically, although there was no such word in the local lexicon. 

Anna and Chrisostomo immigrated to the USA in the 1980s. They lived in Brooklyn and worked various jobs to help raise their four kids, but Ana missed farm life. In 2004,  Ana heard about and was accepted to the Grow NYC’s New Farmer Development Project, which helps immigrants with agricultural experience establish small farms. She trained in organic techniques, got help procuring seeds, finding land, and making connections. Two years later, the Angels became a farming family – at least on weekends and in the summer, when they drive up from Brooklyn to work their fields and live in a trailer on the farm. The family owns 15 acres and rents 25 in Goshen, NY, the black dirt region in Orange County, NY, a 1.5 hour drive northwest from Queens. In the winter, they live in Brooklyn and work other jobs. They sow the early season seeds in their apartment, and they bring the plants to Goshen when they are ready to be planted. They have several CSAs and also sell at several farmers’ markets. With this year’s addition of three CSAs (Farm Spot, Sunnyside CSA, and Forest Hills CSA) they hope to grow more for CSAs and decrease their market sales.

Farming Practices

The Angels follow organic practices but are not certified organic. The soil in the Black Dirt Region is very fertile, and they use few machines in their farming, so the soil needs little nourishment. The only fertilizer they use is compost which they make from any of their vegetables that are not in edible condition. They do not use any pesticides, but sometimes use pepper spray (as allowed in organic certification) as a deterrent to insects and mammals. 

They use crop rotation to minimize pests and for soil health. They have a tractor, but most of their farming is done by hand. They weed by hand and with handheld hoes. They mainly buy organic seeds but sometimes buy non-organic, untreated seeds when they can’t find the seeds they want organically certified, as is allowed on certified organic farms. They do not use GMO or treated seeds. All the produce in our shares is from their farm. They use a well on the farm for irrigation, which is infrequently needed. Most of their electricity is solar. This past winter, they purchased a small plot of land near their primary farmland. This plot has electricity, and they bought a walk-in refrigerator to keep our harvested vegetables fresh until distribution. Their delivery truck is also refrigerated. 

Our CSA Shares

Angel Family Farm will deliver fresh vegetables to Farm Spot for pick up every Thursday, 5:30 – 8:15pm, for 20 weeks, June 16th through October 27th, 2022 at St. Mark’s Church, 33-50 82nd St, Jackson Heights, NY. You will receive a generous amount of 6-8 different vegetable varieties, including herbs, that will change from week to week as the season progresses. For past Farm Spot members, it will be similar in size to Golden Earthworm’s shares, but with five fewer weeks to the season, due to the shorter farming season in Orange County.

Prices: Vegetable Share is $700 for the season (20 weeks)

Subsidized* Vegetable Share is $350 for the season (20 weeks)

*limited number of subsidized shares available

Share Examples:

Early season: kale, chamomile, green lettuce, red lettuce, garlic scapes, mizuna

Peak season: zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, fresh onions, collard greens, carrots, peppermint, potatoes

Late season: winter squash/pumpkin, thyme, onions, potatoes, carrots, beets, celery, kale

The crop plan for 2022 ought to be very similar to this one from 2021!

You can learn a lot more about Angel Family Farm



A recent article on them in Dirt Magazine

A farm video, produced by JustFood in 2012:

A Brooklyn Beet CSA Farm Visit:
They also have lots of brief Youtube videos:

They were featured in the film, “What’s on your Plate?” Available on or  Amazon Prime

Please keep your eyes here for an update and sign-ups for Farm Spot’s 2022 CSA season!

Updates are also posted to our Instagram @farmspotjh and Facebook @farmspotcsa

Unfortunately there will NOT be a 2020/21 WINTER SHARE. Golden Earthworm Organic Farm needs to take a breather after a very challenging growing season.

Please stay tuned over the winter for news and info about the 2021 SUMMER SHARE.

In the meantime, we are fortunate in Jackson Heights to have a wonderful year-round farmer’s market for locally-grown food!

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UPDATE: We are currently SOLD OUT of full price Vegetable Shares for the 2020 season. We have a limited number of Subsidized Vegetable Shares available. Please read info about income eligibility + sign up HERE. Email us with any questions or to be put on the waiting list: — posted 5/29/20

>>>  Sign up for a 2020 CSA share HERE. <<<

Dear Farm Spot Friends and Family,

We hope that you are staying safe and taking care of each other.

As we roll out the 2020 CSA season with Golden Earthworm Organic Farm, we realize that many of you have concerns regarding the upcoming season. We hope that we will be covering some of these concerns below. If you have other questions, please let us know. Contact us at

– Distribution will run from JUNE 4th through NOVEMBER 12th, 2020
– The price of the VEGETABLE share is $680.54* (25 weeks) *please scroll down for a note on pricing!
– The price of the FRUIT share is $101.77 (14 weeks)

Golden Earthworm Organic Farm , the producer of our beautiful organic produce year after year, is on track to start delivering to us the first week of June, as planned. They have seen an uptick in signups due to the concern about food safety and quality during this time. CSA organic produce is less handled in general, and not handled by the public. The farm is committed to food safety and is closely monitoring the situation and updating protocols. We are so happy to support this.
Here is their statement regarding food safety:
“Our produce is grown is nutrient-rich soil that we have been building for over two decades. Not only is it 100% Certified Organic and non-GMO, every member of our staff has been trained in food safety following certification training of our management staff through the Produce Safety Alliance. We follow USDA GAP standards and protocols and we were one of the first farms to adopt these standards more than a decade ago. CSA produce is perhaps the least handled food available. It is harvested in the field, washed and packaged, and then shipped in clean boxes directly to CSA member pick-up sites. No warehouses, middle men, extra handling or consumer touching. We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust our handling protocols as necessary to ensure that our produce is clean and safe for you”.
Please also consider supporting local food through Lewis Waite CSA Extras. You can order a la carte items from local farms such as meat, cheese, grain, bread, and more. They distribute/deliver to Farm Spot members during our CSA season. Lewis Waite Farmer Network (local marketplace) 


As you may know, we run on extremely slim margins in order to keep the price for the share affordable and to be able to offer a limited amount of subsidized shares to community members in need. The price increase this year reflects a price increase from the farm which is due to the increased cost of production resulting from the new law in New York State mandating overtime pay for farm employees. Golden Earthworm Farm fully supports this expansion of labor rights to the farm sector – as does Farm Spot – but this will increase the farm’s payroll costs, and in turn increase the cost of the share. Read more about the Farmworkers Farm Labor Practices Act 

— We are offering a 3-MONTH INSTALLMENT PAYMENT PLAN for those who prefer to make multiple payments.

— If you are able, please consider making a 💚donation to Farm Spot💚 so that we can fundraise for 🌟subsidized shares🌟.


The requirement for membership will still be two shifts per share. We are 100% volunteer run and really value the time that you spend helping to make this happen in our neighborhood. Please remember that volunteering is part of your responsibility as a Farm Spot member. Megan, our volunteer coordinator, will email with details about volunteer sign ups in May.

In past years, Farm Spot has encouraged members to look for share partners on social media and community message boards. People have been known to find share partners by posting on the Farm Spot Facebook page  or on Jackson Heights Life (a free list serve, but sign up is required in order to log in). If you cannot find a share on your own, please email and we will do our best to match you with a share partner.

Farm Spot feels that it is imperative to continue to offer a subsidized share program so that members of the community who fall within specific income requirements can access fresh, organic produce. We have been operating on reduced shares since last year, which has made it difficult to fund this program. We continue to rely on donations for the subsidy. Please consider making a donation (or multiple donations) when you sign up for your share. We are very grateful for any type of donation received towards this. We will announce subsidized share sign ups later in the season when we are able to subsidize them. Please stay tuned.

We are looking for a core member – someone who will be responsible for overseeing signups and tech support. Core members are volunteers who are involved in decision making and implementation of actions needed in running a CSA. Requirements would also include attending occasional core group meetings, participating in group discussion, and voting on issues regarding the CSA (the last two duties are mainly done via email).
If you are interested in becoming a core member, or have questions about it, please email

Thank you for reading this all the way through, we look forward to our upcoming season!

Sign up now for a Farm Spot Winter Share HERE!

>>> Deadline to sign up is November 20th, 2019. <<<

All the details:

The GOLDEN EARTHWORM ORGANIC WINTER VEGETABLE SHARE consists of Certified Organic root vegetables and hearty winter greens
Cost: $128.80 for a share (4 distributions)
Each box will contain 15+ lbs of the following crops grown on the Golden Earthworm Organic Farm (and sourced from other local, organic family farms). Actual crops depend on availability: Potatoes, Watermelon Radish, Purple Top Turnips, Parsnips, Rutabaga, Carrots, Beets, Leeks, Winter Squash and Cabbage. If we have a warm December, the first box may include greens from the fields. Exact contents to be determined.

NON-ORGANIC BRIERMERE FARM APPLE SHARE – $33.35 for a share (4 deliveries, 4 lbs of apples per delivery)

Delivery 1 – December 12, 2019
Delivery 2 – January 9, 2020
Delivery 3 – February 6, 2020
Delivery 4 – March 5, 2020

Pickup will be at St. Mark’s Church, 33-50 82nd St, Jackson Heights, from 5:30-8:15pm

Note that we are *unable to save shares*. If you are unable to make it to pick up, please ask a neighbor, friend or family member to pick up for you. Unclaimed shares are donated to those in need.

Some additional announcements for this upcoming winter share season:
-You will notice a slight increase in price for the winter share. We strive to keep costs as low as possible but we needed to increase the price slightly to cover administrative fees (rent for distribution, etc).

-Please consider a donation to Farm Spot, even if you aren’t getting a winter share. Our margins have been extremely slim and we are working to fundraise for subsidized shares for the upcoming summer season – thank you!
To make a donation, please use the link for the winter sign up where there is an option to add a donation to your cart.

-Please remember to sign up for your volunteer shift for the winter share. This is a requirement of being a member (one volunteer shift per share for the winter season). Everyone’s efforts helps to make this happen. Please use this link to sign up:

Lewis Waite Farm CSA Extras will deliver on Thursdays during our winter distribution this year! Please place your orders as usual. If you aren’t already aware of their great local selection, check out their website HERE and sign up to be able to place orders for local products

-Farmbridge frozen share is NOT available this year.

-We cannot save shares, please pick up during distribution hours. You can always send a neighbor or friend to pick up your share in your place.


Chef Tony Liu gave a cooking demo last week during distribution at The Queensboro focusing on winter root vegetables. If you missed it, take a peek at the photos and recipes below.


Golden Earthworm Organic Farm sent us an extra box of winter vegetables, which chef used to make two dishes – both delicious and simple.


The first was Sweet Potato Gnocchi. A very simple dough of baked sweet potato, flour, and eggs was rolled out and cut off into small pieces. These were scored with a fork to create ridges (which catch the sauce), boiled, then pan-fried with butter.


The second dish chef made was Root Vegetable Pakora. For this, a variety of root vegetables (including carrots, golden beets, and leeks) were julienned using a mandolin (though a food processor or a knife can be used instead).


The julienned vegetables were then mixed into a chickpea flour batter before being fried.


A batch of golden pakora after being fried!


A tasting plate with a vegetable pakora (left), and sweet potato gnocchi (right).


Here are the recipes. Enjoy!!



  • besan, or chickpea flour, is available at Indian grocery shops.
  • in the gnocchi recipe the # sign is shorthand for “pound”, i.e. 3 pounds of sweet potatoes

Welcome to the 13th year of Farm Spot CSA in Jackson Heights!!

For members: the first distribution is this week, Thursday, May 31st, 5:30pm – 8:15pm at St. Mark’s Church. And every week at the same time for the next 25 weeks!

❀    ✿    ✿   ❀       ❀      ❀          

We are SOLD OUT for the 2018 season and cannot accept any more members. If you would like to be put on the waiting list for next season (or to be notified if a share becomes available), or if you have any questions, please email us at