I’m splitting a share with another person, how many hours do I need to serve?
Each share is asked to volunteer 4 hours. How that’s split between people who split shares is up to them. There are some situations where one person does all the volunteer hours and in other cases where each person takes 2 hours (1 distribution shift). As long as you signed up with both people’s e-mails, we will credit the service properly. You will be contacted if we can’t find your records.

I have one vegetable shares and two fruit shares, how many hours do I need to serve?
We ask that each share, which is considered as a single household, volunteer 4 hours of service. We don’t want to place a burden on a single household that may have the need to purchase more than one of any type of share.

Are there ways I can get my volunteer hours in other than the distribution shifts?
Most of our need for volunteers is for distribution. There are very few opportunities that fall outside of this time frame. E-mails will be sent out regarding these when they come up.

I’ve already fulfilled my volunteer requirements for the season.  May I volunteer for more shifts?
Yes!  We’d love to have you! The volunteer coordinator may contact you to double check that it’s your intention to volunteer beyond the mandatory hours, but you are more than welcome to help out.

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