when and where can I pick up my share?
On Thursdays between the hours of 5:30 and 8:15 p.m. at St. Mark’s Church at 33-50 82nd Street. Enter through the 82nd Street gate, and come through the backyard. In good weather, we’ll be outside; in the rain, snow or cold, we’ll be indoors on the first floor.

what happens if I don’t pick up my share?
If you’ll be away and can’t pick up your share, you may have someone else pick it up for you. Be sure they know the name of the primary shareholder. If a share isn’t picked up during the distribution time, it will be donated to a local charity.

how do I know that the produce is organic?
The Golden Earthworm Organic Farm, LLC is certified by a third-party certifier, NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC. The use of synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides is prohibited in Certified Organic Production.

how much produce will I get each week?
There are between 6 and 10 items in the share each week. During the summer and autumn months, the shares are much fuller than during the first few weeks in the spring. If you are a large family eating a primarily vegetarian diet, you might consider ordering more than one full share. See harvest schedule for more information.

what types of vegetables can I expect to find in my share?
It depends on the season. Please see the share types page.

how long will these vegetables last? How do I store them?
Please see our Veggie Tips page

can I share a share?
If you think you can’t eat a full share’s worth, feel free to find a friend to share your share with. Please complete one membership form per full share and note who you are sharing with. Or find someone else in Jackson Heights looking to split a share by looking on one of the neighborhood listserves. Many Farm Spot members successfully split shares — even with people they hadn’t known before.

what’s involved with volunteering?
In order to keep our group running, we ask each member to give a minimum of four hours of their time to Farm Spot during the year. Please see our volunteering page for more information.

can I pay by cash or check?
Farm Spot only accepts electronic checks. They are a safe, simple way for members to pay, and an efficient way for us to process the hundreds of applications we receive. In the past, volunteers spent weeks processing these applications manually, resulting in numerous complaints about delays in cashing checks. Electronic checks are a safe and secure alternative, and allow us to quickly receive funds, issue a receipt, and pay the farm in a timely manner. Feel free to email us at farmspot@gmail.com with any further questions.