Our distribution occurs at St. Marks, address: 33-50 82nd Street. When you arrive for your shift, look for the distribution manager, Jared or Angel.  Jared is usually on the early shift and Angel on the late shift, but they do switch on occasion due to their schedules.

Early Shift (5-6:45PM)  Your responsibilities include unloading the delivery truck and setting up the distribution area (put up tables, organize the delivery)

Late Shift (6:45-8:30PM)  The late shift relieves the early shift for distribution.  At the end of distribution, the late shift cleans up the area, such as sweeping up, putting away the tables and storing up other materials.

Compost Shift (5-6:45PM)  Your responsibilities start with helping the early shift set up. When the Compost Coordinator, Kirsten, arrives, you will assist her with the composting program until the end of your shift.  It is a good idea to wear proper shoes (no heels or sandals) for this distribution since you will be walking through the church garden.

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