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Sign up now for a Summer 2018 vegetable and/or fruit share.

The season runs for 25 weeks – Thursday, May 31st – Thursday, November 12th. 

We will again offer a limited number of subsidized shares this year, the sign-ups for those will begin on April 16th. Please check back here for that link.

To learn more about Farm Spot, click on the tabs at the top of the page. Still have questions? Email us at

Sign up HERE

Happy 🌿Spring!


The farm truck broke down on the highway today while en route to Queens. The DELIVERY will be LATE! Expected arrival at St. Mark’s is 6:30/6:45. 
Anyone who can chip in to HELP UNLOAD the BOXES from the truck, your help will be much appreciated! (And will speed up the process!). 

 ✶   ✶  Deadline extended to May 29th  ✶   ✶


Basic info:
Farm Spot is starting its 12th year as a volunteer-run CSA (community supported agriculture) in Jackson Heights, Queens, NYC. We started as a group of neighbors who got together as organizers because we wanted to bring local, organic vegetables to the neighborhood. CSA is essentially buying a farm share from a local farm. Being a member directly supports a family farm and the local economy, and in return provides a wide assortment of very fresh produce on a weekly basis during the growing season. Note: many families find the vegetable share to be quite large and split a share between two households, thus reducing the cost!

— The 2017 season runs JUNE 1 – NOVEMBER 16, 2017

VEGETABLE SHARE: certified organic, from Golden Earthworm Organic Farm, Jamesport, Long Island, 25 weeks, $587.00

SUBSIDIZED VEGETABLE SHARE: same share as above, limited number of shares with a subsidized price. For detailed info: click “What is Farm Spot?” tab at top of page, then “share types” from the drop down menu.

FRUIT SHARE: non-organic, from Brieremere Farms, Riverhead, Long Island, 18 weeks, $123.84 (NOTE: the fruit share will begin later in the season than the vegetable share)

DISTRIBUTION is every week, THURSDAYS, 5:30-8:15pm at ST. MARK’S CHURCH, 82nd St., Jackson Heights

MORE INFO: click the tabs at the top of the page, such as “what is farm spot” and “volunteering”



At long last we are ready for Winter Sign Ups!
Golden Earthworm received lots of feedback from Farm Spot and other CSA’s and as a result they decided to cut the size of the winter share in half and to also reduce the price by half!  
There will be 4 winter deliveries, one each month in December, January, February and March.  
So, if you were overwhelmed with the roots in prior years, we highly encourage you to try it again!  If you liked getting lots of winter veggies, you can simply buy two shares! 
We had some technical difficulties, so signs ups are a bit delayed this year, so we need to turn around the sign ups quickly.  Please sign up as soon as possible, but no later than Wednesday November 30th!
Click here to sign up for Farm Spot Winter Shares!
Winter Organic Vegetable Share – 10 lb box (nearly 1/2 the size as previous years) x 4 deliveries = $90
Winter Apple Share – 4 lb bag x 4 deliveries = $31
Winter Cider Share – 1/2 gallon jug x 4 deliveries = $23
Winter Share Delivery Dates. 
Delivery 1 – December 15
Delivery 2 – January 12
Delivery 3 – February 9
Delivery 4 – March 9

Hello, it’s me. I was wondering is after all these veggies you’d like to meet
To volunteer and everything
They say everyone’s busy working and living

Hello from the veggie side:

Sign up for your shifts! ‘Tis your duty, Farmspotter. There are nearly 20 spots open, including some for this week.

Sign up here today, please and thank you:

Jessica Ramos


Hi everyone,

We’ve had last-minute cancellations for today’s distribution and we have SIX (!) spots to fill.

If you are able to help today, please sign up here:

Remember that when you signed up for your share, you made a commitment to volunteer with the organization. We are 100% volunteer driven and count on you to help make distributions run smoothly.

When you volunteer or sign up and don’t show up, we keep track. If you haven’t volunteered at all, please make sure you sign up for two shifts. The season is quickly coming to an end.

Thank you,

Jessica Ramos


Happy Monday morning, y’all!

Sending around that volunteer signup link again:

There are 42 shifts that need to be filled between this Thursday and November 17, and there are many of who are you yet to fulfill your two-shift requirement (per share).

Please do your part and help us keep Farmspot running smoothly!

Wishing you a productive week,

Jessica Ramos


Hi everyone,

In addition to all the openings still available to volunteer this Thursday, we are looking for a seasoned member to become our Opening Distribution Supervisor. Full job description below. Please note the supervisor will be compensated with a pro-rated free vegetable share.

If you have not yet fulfilled your volunteer duties, please sign up. Again, there are several opportunities available for this Thursday:

Opening Distribution Supervisor, early shift, 4:45pm-6:45pm
Responsibilities include: overseeing volunteers, assigning jobs for each, overseeing the boxes being unloaded from Golden Earthworm truck and stacked neatly either in back yard or inside church (your decision, based on weather), unlocking Farm Spot shed, getting hand trucks out for vols to use for boxes, overseeing pick up of flattened cardboard boxes from previous week, overseeing setting up folding tables from church as pick-up tables for veg and fruit shares, and the welcome/sign in table, explains jobs to volunteers, answering questions, etc.

Please email me if you’re interested in being opening distributor supervisor. Cheers!

Jessica Ramos



We’re still in need of a few more volunteers for this Thursday, and please don’t feel shy about signing up for future dates. It really does take all of us to keep distribution running smoothly.

Here’s that sign-up link:

Let me know if you have questions.


Jessica Ramos


Sorry, one more thing! We need a boxes volunteer. Here is the description:

Box volunteer will be responsible for putting boxes from Lewis Waite deliveries out in a specific pick up spot at the church. This job takes about 10 minutes each time. It must be done every two weeks (the weeks that Lewis Waite delivers). It must be done at specific times, either the Wed night before delivery, or Thurs morning of delivery day before 8:30am. It’s an important job because our storage shed gets very crowded, and also the farm needs to get their boxes back because they re-use them! The reason we need to put them out is because there is a pre-school that uses the church during the day and no one is allowed on the premises during the school day. This volunteer job will fulfill the volunteer requirement for the season.

Of course volunteering for this task means you are exempt from the shift requirements. Please email me if you can help. Thank you.

Jessica Ramos

On Thu, Jul 7, 2016 at 10:41 AM, Farm Spot Volunteer Coordinator <volunteerfarmspot> wrote:

Hello fellow farmspotters,

For today’s distribution, we are still in need of a compost volunteer during the early shift.

Please note there is a new link to sign up:

Hope you can help today and continue to sign up for shifts throughout the season. Remember each share requires two shifts, which means one shift per share-partner if you’re sharing your share.

Email with questions! Thanks, all.

Jessica Ramos