the golden earthworm: vegetables
The Golden Earthworm farm is nestled on 40 acres of pristine land protected by a land preservation program on the North Fork of Long Island. The farm was started in 1996 by Matthew Kurek, a chef turned farmer with a passion for growing beautiful, high-quality organic produce for the communities of Long Island. Since 2005, the farm has been co-owned and managed by Matthew and long-time friend and fellow farmer James Russo. Together, they grow over fifty different vegetables, berries and herbs for a CSA program with 14 local sites and 2 farmers’ markets.

briermere farms: fruit
Briermere Farms is located just a short drive away from Golden Earthworm Farm on Sound Avenue in Riverhead. The farm produces a wide variety of tree fruit and berries. Although Briermere Farms is not certified organic, some of their crops, including raspberries, blueberries and blackberries are grown in a way which would fulfill the organic standards.

Long Island is a difficult region for tree fruit production because of the high humidity levels which contribute to fungus disease pressure, and can decimate fruit quality (and sometimes the whole tree). At Briermere Farms, insecticides and fungicides are used only when needed to produce marketable fruit. The tree fruit is sprayed with 1 or 2 synthetic insecticides and fungicides at some point typically earlier in the season. No herbicides are used underneath the trees, and on-farm produced compost from leaves is the only fertilizer/nutrient source for their fruit crops.

lewis waite farm: meat, cheese & more
Lewis Waite Farm is owned by Nancy and Alan Brown and is located upstate in Greenwich, NY. They are a meat farm and offer a delivery service to CSA’s in the NYC area of local meats, eggs, cheeses, breads and other products that are grown, raised, produced, harvested and processed at a network of farms in their area of NY and Vermont.

Lewis Waite is delivering (to Farm Spot members only) by pre-order.

village fishmonger: seafood
Village Fishmonger is a sustainable seafood company in NYC that sources local and responsibly-harvested seafood. We’re looking to reinvent how people select, prepare, and eat fish in order to spark interest in fish provenance and to help people become more aware of how purchasing sustainable, local fish is a better choice for them and for the planet. In addition to operating our thriving community supported fishery (CSF) with locations throughout NYC, we’re also throwing events and working with wholesale and distribution partners in order to connect consumers with quality products while championing responsible stewardship of this precious resource.

As longtime residents of NYC and lovers of seafood, we’ve always felt that for a city surrounded by water, it’s surprisingly difficult to access quality seafood and when you do it’s oftentimes not a species that is readily available in local waters. As sustainability and traceability of seafood have become worldwide issues that greatly affect us in our own backyard, we were even more inspired to create Village Fishmonger as a way to encourage thoughtful consumption, while still educating consumers about the tasty oceanic bounty that’s available in their own backyard.