Angel Family Farm

As of Spring, 2022, Farm Spot is partnering with Angel Family Farm as our vegetable farm. Ana and Crisostomo (Fily) emigrated to NYC from Mexico and started their own farm in Goshen, NY, an area known for its fertile “black earth”. They farm with their eldest daughter, Lizbeth, and her fiancé David, with their other children helping out when they can. The Angels’ farm is non-certified, but they practice organic farming methods. They grow a wide variety of vegetables, including Mexican specialities, herbs, fruits, and flowers. 

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Lewis Waite Farm: pre-order meat, cheese & more
Lewis Waite Farm is a meat farm located upstate in Greenwich, NY, owned by Nancy and Alan Brown. They offer a delivery service to CSA’s in the NYC area of products produced by neighboring farms in their area of NY and Vermont. Farm Spot members pre-order items a la carte from the Lewis Waite website and their order is delivered to Farm Spot for pick up during our distribution. Products include: local meats, eggs, cheeses, breads and many other products.