Hi everyone,

In addition to all the openings still available to volunteer this Thursday, we are looking for a seasoned member to become our Opening Distribution Supervisor. Full job description below. Please note the supervisor will be compensated with a pro-rated free vegetable share.

If you have not yet fulfilled your volunteer duties, please sign up. Again, there are several opportunities available for this Thursday: http://signup.com/go/CZEfsK

Opening Distribution Supervisor, early shift, 4:45pm-6:45pm
Responsibilities include: overseeing volunteers, assigning jobs for each, overseeing the boxes being unloaded from Golden Earthworm truck and stacked neatly either in back yard or inside church (your decision, based on weather), unlocking Farm Spot shed, getting hand trucks out for vols to use for boxes, overseeing pick up of flattened cardboard boxes from previous week, overseeing setting up folding tables from church as pick-up tables for veg and fruit shares, and the welcome/sign in table, explains jobs to volunteers, answering questions, etc.

Please email me if you’re interested in being opening distributor supervisor. Cheers!

Jessica Ramos