At long last we are ready for Winter Sign Ups!
Golden Earthworm received lots of feedback from Farm Spot and other CSA’s and as a result they decided to cut the size of the winter share in half and to also reduce the price by half!  
There will be 4 winter deliveries, one each month in December, January, February and March.  
So, if you were overwhelmed with the roots in prior years, we highly encourage you to try it again!  If you liked getting lots of winter veggies, you can simply buy two shares! 
We had some technical difficulties, so signs ups are a bit delayed this year, so we need to turn around the sign ups quickly.  Please sign up as soon as possible, but no later than Wednesday November 30th!
Click here to sign up for Farm Spot Winter Shares!
Winter Organic Vegetable Share – 10 lb box (nearly 1/2 the size as previous years) x 4 deliveries = $90
Winter Apple Share – 4 lb bag x 4 deliveries = $31
Winter Cider Share – 1/2 gallon jug x 4 deliveries = $23
Winter Share Delivery Dates. 
Delivery 1 – December 15
Delivery 2 – January 12
Delivery 3 – February 9
Delivery 4 – March 9