Hello Farm Spot Friends, 

We have some news. Since Farm Spot started in 2006, we have been partnered with Golden Earthworm Organic Farm. As you know, they are a small, family-owned farm that grows crops on rented land. At the end of last year, some of that land was sold, causing them to lose more than 50% of their growing fields. As a result, they must reduce the size of their operations and cut some of their CSAs, including all of their Queens sites, Farm Spot being one of them. Matt and Maggie feel that from a personal perspective this is a blessing in disguise for their family, as reducing production will allow them to have more time with their two young sons. They have told us if/when they decide and are able to increase production again, they will inform us.

We are sad to end our partnership with them – the quality of their vegetables is stellar. Their operation is run with respect and fair labor practices for their employees. We have appreciated their communication and transparency with us, their CSA members.

We are confident that we will find another wonderful farm to partner with, and have begun the search process. We will keep you posted on updates as soon as we have them.

We hope that you are warm and doing well, until next time!

-Farm Spot Core Members