Hi Farm Spot members,

Tomorrow’s scheduled potluck is being rescheduled due to the rainy forecast.

The new date is Thursday, July 11th!

Hope to see you there!

Sign up now for a Farm Spot CSA share for the 2019 season! 

We are offering an organic vegetable share, from Golden Earthworm Organic Farm in Jamesport, Long Island, and a fruit share (non-organic, but responsibly grown), from Brieremere Farm in Riverhead, Long Island).

The season starts on May 30th and runs until November 21st. (Note: there will NOT be a delivery on Thursday, July 4th due to the holiday, but we will receive the full 25 weeks of deliveries).

All shares must be picked up during distribution on Thursdays, 5:30-8:15pm at St. Mark’s Church, 33-50 82nd St., Jackson Heights, Queens.

As a volunteer-run group, all shares are asked to volunteer 2 shifts (each shift is 1 hour, 45 min) during the season. (If two households split a share, it is still only two volunteer shifts per season)


Questions? email us at farmspot@gmail.com


Chef Tony Liu gave a cooking demo last week during distribution at The Queensboro focusing on winter root vegetables. If you missed it, take a peek at the photos and recipes below.


Golden Earthworm Organic Farm sent us an extra box of winter vegetables, which chef used to make two dishes – both delicious and simple.


The first was Sweet Potato Gnocchi. A very simple dough of baked sweet potato, flour, and eggs was rolled out and cut off into small pieces. These were scored with a fork to create ridges (which catch the sauce), boiled, then pan-fried with butter.


The second dish chef made was Root Vegetable Pakora. For this, a variety of root vegetables (including carrots, golden beets, and leeks) were julienned using a mandolin (though a food processor or a knife can be used instead).


The julienned vegetables were then mixed into a chickpea flour batter before being fried.


A batch of golden pakora after being fried!


A tasting plate with a vegetable pakora (left), and sweet potato gnocchi (right).


Here are the recipes. Enjoy!!



  • besan, or chickpea flour, is available at Indian grocery shops.
  • in the gnocchi recipe the # sign is shorthand for “pound”, i.e. 3 pounds of sweet potatoes

❄️  Sign up for a Winter CSA Share now!!  ❄️

This year we are offering several types of shares. See details below

  • Winter Vegetable Share from Golden Earthworm Organic Farm
  • Apple Share from Briermere Farm (non-organic)
  • Cider Share from Briermere Farm (non-organic)
  • Farm Bridge Frozen Share

Dates: December 13th, 2018, January 10th, February 7th, and March 7th, 2019

Times: 5:30pm – 8:15pm

Distribution location: St. Mark’s Church, 33-50 82nd St. (btwn Northern Blvd/34th Ave), Jackson Heights, NY

1. WINTER VEGETABLE SHARE consists of certified organic root vegetables and hearty winter greens

Cost: $125 for a share (4 distributions)

Each box will contain 15+ lbs of the following crops grown on the Golden Earthworm Organic Farm (and sourced from other local, organic family farms). Actual crops depend on availability: Potatoes, Watermelon Radish, Purple Top Turnips, Parsnips, Rutabaga, Carrots, Beets, Leeks, Winter Squash and Cabbage.  If the farm has a warm December, the first box may include greens from the fields.  Exact contents to be determined.         $125 for a share (4 distributions, 15+ lbs per delivery)

2. NON-ORGANIC BRIERMERE FARM APPLE SHARE – $32 for a share (4 deliveries, 4 lbs of apples per delivery)

3. NON-ORGANIC BRIERMERE FARM CIDER SHARE – $23 (4 deliveries, 1 quart per delivery)

SIGN UP for the above shares HERE

4. Farm Bridge Frozen Share

You will receive a total of 35 locally grown items over four distributions. Items include shelf-stable Tomato Puree and frozen items like Butternut Squash Puree, Blueberries, Sweet Corn, Diced Sweet Peppers, and Broccoli. Cost: $159.60 for a share (4 distributions)

SIGN UP for a frozen share HERE

Questions? Email us at farmspot@gmail.com

Welcome to the 13th year of Farm Spot CSA in Jackson Heights!!

For members: the first distribution is this week, Thursday, May 31st, 5:30pm – 8:15pm at St. Mark’s Church. And every week at the same time for the next 25 weeks!

❀    ✿    ✿   ❀       ❀      ❀          

We are SOLD OUT for the 2018 season and cannot accept any more members. If you would like to be put on the waiting list for next season (or to be notified if a share becomes available), or if you have any questions, please email us at farmspot@gmail.com



Sign up for subsidized shares by going to:


Farm Spot remains committed to making our CSA financially accessible to our neighbors, and we are once again able to offer subsidized shares for the upcoming season. The subsidies are funded by your fellow Farm Spot members. This year we’ve made some changes to the qualifications to increase access for people needing more financial assistance, so please read the following carefully before submitting your registration.

Subsidized shares are now available at two levels, depending on your income:

Share A, at a cost of $461.40 is for people who fit into the guidelines adapted from the Self-Sufficiency Standard for the City of New York: One Adult: $27,919• One Adult, One child: $47,854• One Adult, Two Children: $62,420• Two Adults, Two Children: $68,175. A minimum of a $75 deposit is required upon registration, and you may pay the balance in full or by monthly installments during the six months of the growing season at $50 per month.

Share B, at a cost of $274.85 is for people who fit into the guidelines based on the WIC program by the size of each household: One person: $21,775 • Two people: $29,471 • Three people: $37,167 • Four people: $44,863 (for families of five and up, add +7,696 per person). A minimum of a $50 deposit is required upon registration, and you may pay the balance in full or by monthly installments during the six months of the growing season at $50.00 per month.

Income verification is on the honor system — we won’t ask for proof of your income. If you have substantial resources beyond earned income, please be mindful of those who don’t and purchase a full-priced share instead. We cannot offer discounts on any share other than the vegetable share.

To maximize the subsidized shares, we ask that you split the share with another share member who also fits the same income guidelines as you if you have a smaller family size (which many Farm Spot families typically do due to the bounty of the share, especially during peak season). We may be able to match you up for the subsidized shares ONLY provided they are still available. To sign up, please complete an application and check the appropriate box for a subsidized share.

For more information or to find a share partner, e-mail us at farmspot@gmail.com

Click here.

Sign up now for a Summer 2018 vegetable and/or fruit share.

The season runs for 25 weeks – Thursday, May 31st – Thursday, November 12th. 

We will again offer a limited number of subsidized shares this year, the sign-ups for those will begin on April 16th. Please check back here for that link.

To learn more about Farm Spot, click on the tabs at the top of the page. Still have questions? Email us at farmspot@gmail.com

Sign up HERE

Happy 🌿Spring!

The farm truck broke down on the highway today while en route to Queens. The DELIVERY will be LATE! Expected arrival at St. Mark’s is 6:30/6:45. 
Anyone who can chip in to HELP UNLOAD the BOXES from the truck, your help will be much appreciated! (And will speed up the process!). 

 ✶   ✶  Deadline extended to May 29th  ✶   ✶


Basic info:
Farm Spot is starting its 12th year as a volunteer-run CSA (community supported agriculture) in Jackson Heights, Queens, NYC. We started as a group of neighbors who got together as organizers because we wanted to bring local, organic vegetables to the neighborhood. CSA is essentially buying a farm share from a local farm. Being a member directly supports a family farm and the local economy, and in return provides a wide assortment of very fresh produce on a weekly basis during the growing season. Note: many families find the vegetable share to be quite large and split a share between two households, thus reducing the cost!

— The 2017 season runs JUNE 1 – NOVEMBER 16, 2017

VEGETABLE SHARE: certified organic, from Golden Earthworm Organic Farm, Jamesport, Long Island, 25 weeks, $587.00

SUBSIDIZED VEGETABLE SHARE: same share as above, limited number of shares with a subsidized price. For detailed info: click “What is Farm Spot?” tab at top of page, then “share types” from the drop down menu.

FRUIT SHARE: non-organic, from Brieremere Farms, Riverhead, Long Island, 18 weeks, $123.84 (NOTE: the fruit share will begin later in the season than the vegetable share)

DISTRIBUTION is every week, THURSDAYS, 5:30-8:15pm at ST. MARK’S CHURCH, 82nd St., Jackson Heights

MORE INFO: click the tabs at the top of the page, such as “what is farm spot” and “volunteering”

QUESTIONS: farmspot@gmail.com


At long last we are ready for Winter Sign Ups!
Golden Earthworm received lots of feedback from Farm Spot and other CSA’s and as a result they decided to cut the size of the winter share in half and to also reduce the price by half!  
There will be 4 winter deliveries, one each month in December, January, February and March.  
So, if you were overwhelmed with the roots in prior years, we highly encourage you to try it again!  If you liked getting lots of winter veggies, you can simply buy two shares! 
We had some technical difficulties, so signs ups are a bit delayed this year, so we need to turn around the sign ups quickly.  Please sign up as soon as possible, but no later than Wednesday November 30th!
Click here to sign up for Farm Spot Winter Shares!
Winter Organic Vegetable Share – 10 lb box (nearly 1/2 the size as previous years) x 4 deliveries = $90
Winter Apple Share – 4 lb bag x 4 deliveries = $31
Winter Cider Share – 1/2 gallon jug x 4 deliveries = $23
Winter Share Delivery Dates. 
Delivery 1 – December 15
Delivery 2 – January 12
Delivery 3 – February 9
Delivery 4 – March 9