Winter Share from Norwich Meadows Farm

Matt, James, and Maggie, our farmers at Golden Earthworm Farm, have decided they need some down time for both their fields and themselves this winter and are not offering a Winter Share. We will continue to partner with Golden Earthworm next year for the 2015 season!

In the meantime, Farm Spot has decided to partner with farmer Zaid Kurdieh, who has a certified organic farm, Norwich Meadows Farm, in Norwich, NY (Norwich is west of Albany) to offer a Winter Share. Zaid has been working with CSAs (including Harvest Astoria CSA and Washington Square CSA) for about 15 years and he is known for offering high-quality CSA shares with lots of variety in every delivery. This is a wonderful and unique opportunity for us to try out products from a new farm without “cheating” on our full-time farm. We are excited to offer this new winter share with so much variety and such good value.

Please note: We need a minimum of 50 members to sign up in order for the share to happen. Please sign up ASAP so we reach our minimum!

Zaid’s shares typically offer much more than only root vegetables, so please read the descriptions in full.

He offers three kinds of winter shares:

  1. Vegetable + Mea
  2. Vegetable + Dairy
  3. Vegetable

The prices of these shares reflect the diversity and quantity of products they contain (which is why they may seem higher than the prices we are accustomed to from Golden Earthworm).