Chef Tony Liu gave a cooking demo last week during distribution at The Queensboro focusing on winter root vegetables. If you missed it, take a peek at the photos here – and the recipes are below.

Golden Earthworm Farm sent us an extra box of winter vegetables, which chef used to make two dishes – both delicious and simple.

The first was Sweet Potato Gnocchi. A very simple dough of roasted sweet potato, flour, and eggs was rolled and cut off into small pieces. These were scored with a fork to create ridges (which catch the sauce), boiled, then pan-fried in butter.

Then he made Root Vegetable Pakora. Vegetables were julienned using a mandolin (though a food processor or a knife could be used instead).

The julienned vegetables were then mixed into a chickpea flour batter before being fried.

A batch of golden pakora after being fried!

A tasting plate with a vegetable pakora (left), and sweet potato gnocchi (right).

Here are the recipes. (Note: besan, or chickpea flour, is available at Indian grocery shops in the neighborhood). Enjoy!

Note: In the recipe above # is shorthand for “pound”, i.e. 3 pounds of sweet potatoes.

AP flour = all-purpose flour